"Corte degli Armonici" is furnished with 5 rooms (4 double rooms and 1 single room) with en suite bathrooms; cable TV.
3 rooms (2 double and 1 single) are in the house, while 2 single rooms are in the old barn (then they are more independent).
All area has internet WIFI.
There is a parking place.
A big room on the ground floor is available for parties.

Single room: €40 per night.
Double room: €60 per night.
Double room with private bathroom: €70 per night.

Sorry, the garden is not fenced in; it is possible to accept in the rooms tranquil dogs, but not cats. The owners have to take care of their pets, and to prevent them from damaging anything or anyone. Any damages would be quantified and then reimbursed by the pets owners.